Unipalm Investment Holdings Limited (Unipalm) was established in 2001 by a group of South African professionals and entrepreneurs who believed that a broad-based empowerment company could attract and secure investment opportunities which could allow for strong and sustainable growth.

    Since Unipalm's establishment, the company's major achievement remains the fact that over 400 direct shareholders and over 60 000 beneficiaries have been attracted as committed shareholders to the business model of the company. In 2001, to raise funds for investments, the directors embarked on a national roadshow and Unipalm shares were sold for 50 cents each, these initial investors have realised a return on the investment of over 1000 percent- a true empowerment achievement.

    For many the initial investment into Unipalm has substantially been paid back especially if one considers that Unipalm has paid four dividends of in excess of R48million to its shareholders over the past four years. The company has managed, since its existence, to participate in over R5billion worth of investment opportunities across an array of different sectors. Unipalm's initial diverse portfolio always gave the company a strong financial backbone which has meant that the company was not prone to any major fluctuations in particular sectors.

    In 2015, Unipalm's empowerment shareholding was confirmed independently by Empowerdex. Unipalm has managed to substantially exceed the empowerment targets proposed by the South African government and has created an accredited empowerment footprint in the business arena.