Civils 2000

    Founded in 1992, Civils 2000 has built up a peerless reputation in the civil engineering sector, with large-scale projects including the design, building and construction of roads, bridges, wastewater treatment works, dams, commercial and residential developments, and renewable energy projects, amongst others. Civils currently operate across several areas of the country, with its head office based in Tokai and satellite offices in various provinces. Civils 2000 owns its own Plant Company and a company called RoadSmart which specializes in road works and re-surfacing.

    Civil 2000



    Unipalm owns 30% of a building repairs and maintenance business in Cape Town. The company is well respected in Cape Town and has developed its capacity to incorporate the building of smaller structures based upon client specified requirements. Current construction projects include a staffing facility on Peer 2 of the Waterfront. MLR also assists in the distribution of its Nano Silver Products through a specific contract aimed at penetrating the repairs and maintenance markets.